Friday, February 13, 2009

If I Only had a Brain

As I was walking out of the main building at school the other day, I had a parent of a former student stop me, and ask me in a very serious way if I was o.k. It was a little weird, but I told her yes, and thought that was the end. She asked me if my husband was o.k., and if I had heard anything about the results of the "procedure" he had done earlier in the afternoon. The conversation then meandered in a very interesting way. She explained that she was his substitute for the remainder of the time that he was out, and asked exactly how long he was going to miss work. I told her that he would be back Tuesday. She looked at me aghast, and said Tuesday, he's coming back on Tuesday? Umm.... yeah, that's what I said, he's coming back on Tuesday. But, how could he recover and come back that quickly? She asked me why I was being so nonchalant about the whole ordeal, and the weirdness became even weirder! Finally, I had to stop the madness going on in my head, and get to the bottom of what was happening because obviously something was not quite right. I asked her why my husband shouldn't come back on Tuesday, and what she was referring to.... the answer I received was a little bit off from what I was expecting to hear. "Oh, well, it's going around the middle school that your husband had brain surgery today". Excuse me? First of all, if my husband had brain surgery, why would I be at work? Secondly, if he had just had an operation on his brain, why would he be coming back to work after 4 days? I quickly put a halt to her overly concerned mind, and let her know that my husband, in fact, had NOT had brain surgery; even though it may have greatly benefitted both him and myself. He had, though, just gone through kidney stone surgery. I guess I can see where people got that he was having brain surgery ~ cuz, ya know... kidneys and brains are located near each other, and are definitely in the same part of your body!

P.S. ~ The person who carried on this conversation with me has a Ph.D from HARVARD.... pretty scary when you think about it, huh?