Friday, September 12, 2008


So obviously from my last post I am extremely frustrated with my job at this moment in time. I am stressed to the max, and really didn't think things could get much worse the remainder of the week. HA! I was wrong. Another teacher comes up to me this morning and here is our conversation ~ I'll call the little girl involved Sarah

Her ~ Hey, do you have Sarah in your class?
Me ~ Yes, I do, why are you asking?
Her ~ Oh.... well I kinda have some news for you.
Me~ Great....
Her ~ Well, you know how Sarah's mom got up in front of the school board the other day, and complained that her daughter was excluded from the advanced Math class this year for no apparent reason.
Me ~ Yeah, we've had tons of conversations about it, and I know she's really frustrated with the superintendent for excluding certain kids from the program.
Her ~ Ok, well, someone I know was standing behind the superintendent while Sarah's mother was speaking, and the super writes "Sarah not being challenged, find out who teacher is because teacher is not doing job"
Her ~ Nope, I'm not kidding, so if the super comes in to your room I wanted to make sure that you had all your P's and Q's together so you could show her exactly what you're doing to challenge the kids.

The superintendent hasn't been in my room ONCE this year to see what I am doing. If she had stepped in to my room for a stinking second, she would find out that I AM USING THE EXACT SAME LESSONS AND WORKSHEETS AS THE ADVANCED MATH TEACHER!!!!! But, no, she just wants to point fingers and blame people without having any solid base of information to go on. (By the way, the child's motoher was NOT complaining about me. She got up and made the point that they ruined her daughter's opinion of her education because for the last 3 years she's been good enough to be in the high math class, but this year for some reason, she "didn't cut it" in that class. The mother fully supports me, and knows I am doing everything possible to challenge and enrich her kid.)