Wednesday, September 24, 2008

France and Mugs

Every week we start a new Reading story, and the kids have to do a vocabulary sheet to help them grasp the meaning of the new words for that specific story. At the end of the story, we have a vocabulary test. Our last story was about taking a voyage on the Titanic (an actual story about Ruth Becker who was actually aboard the Titanic). On the vocab sheet, one of the questions was ~

If you could take a voyage where would you go? While on your voyage, what would you do?

One of my little boys answers ~

If I could take a voyage, I would like to go to France. While in France, I would see the pretty buildings, and then would buy mugs and T-shirts.

What kind of 4th grader wants to buy mugs????? I thought it was incredibly cute, and mildly grown up sounding!!!

PS ~ I'm fine .... thanks if you prayed!



Grace said...

I can certainly think of something better than buying a mug in France :)! That's funny!