Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hip Hip......

HOORAY!!!!!!! One of my brats is getting moved to a different class!!! (The kiddo numero uno in one of my previous posts... you know, the one that has the father who thinks it's ok to beat the crap out of someone, yeah, HIM)!! And, my parents are coming tomorrow!!! :o)


Grace said...

I'm so glad that there's a possibility of some relief. I've been praying constantly this week. I've melted one candle all the way to the glass bottom of the jar in your name. :)

My parents will be here this weekend too. They're leaving tomorrow afternoon, but aren't sure if they're gonna travel all the way thru or stop and come in on Friday morning. Which means I have to wash my sheets tomorrow so they can sleep in our bed. Of course, if they don't get here tomorrow night, that means they have to sleep on sheets with one nights worth of our germs! Oh well!