Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old McDonald

For some reason, it is my dream to have a small farm. Here is what I would want my farm to look like, and the animals that would be on my farm. I want an awesome, old farmhouse with a white, picket fence around the entire property.

A big, red, clean barn

A few Holstein cows (like 5 or so)

Some sheep

4 or 5 horses .. one definitely being all black with a white star on its forehead (like the first one in the picture on the left hand side). It's "official" name would be "My Shining Star in the Midnight Sky", and I would call him "Star" for short.

Some chickens so we could have our own eggs

Alpacas (they are so cute)

And a bunch of long haired cats... multi-colored, black, gray, white.

It'll never happen. But, a girl can dream, can't she? Eventually I do want a horse, though... probably many years down the road.


Grace said...

Sounds like a wonderful dream to me!