Monday, March 1, 2010

Love {that happens to come from goats}

Do you see the first icon on my sidebar over there on the right? -------->
Seriously... if you haven't tried goat milk soap, you are sooooo missing out! Click that little icon, and it'll take you to their site... Or, just let me tell you why it's wonderful:

*It is all natural
*It smells
*It makes your skin sooooo soft
*You are supporting a single family instead of a big business
*It's so much better for your skin than commercial soap
*Cute little goats help make the product (it contains real goat's milk) (well, and their 8 cute kids, too... like real, human kids... not goat kids)
*Once again it smellsssssss soooooooo goooooooddddd
*There are 30 different scents to choose from
*They also have lotion sticks, which are also amazing
*They have soap filled luffas to get off your dry skin
*They have gift packs of soap so you can get 3 smaller size bars in a bag
*Each bar of soap comes in a muslin bag... and let me tell you, all those bags have been used for matchbox cars, crayons, hair "pretties", marbles, rocks, sticks... you name it, it's probably been put in a bag after mommy opens a new bar

I seriously LOVE this stuff (if you couldn't tell). I look forward to using all of my soap (by the way, another added bonus... I bought 7 bars last May (and gave 2 away to a friend), and I just had to order new soap. That is 5 bars of soap in a 9 month period of time). My husband was even making fun of me when I found out I had gotten my last bar out of the linen closet because I started (a month and a half in advance) planning what scents I was going to buy. It came today, and I am getting ready (after I hit "publish post") to go out and sniff them for the fourth time since I opened the box!!! You won't regret getting this stuff... it's amazingly wonderful.

***Disclaimer*** I was not asked to write this post by anyone.... it's seriously just how much I love this soap, and how much of a difference it makes in my skin.