Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today was an interesting day! In my small little nutshell of a community we had our first drive by shooting due to gang violence. We've heard little tid bits of information in the last couple of years that it wasn't "if" gangs were going to start infiltrating and taking over our town; it was a matter of "when" it happened. It's not something I thought I would see, nor did I want to see, while I am here. On top of our first major gang activity, a police officer responding to the call was in a head on collision with our High School's principal. She is in critical condition, and her husband is dead. Yup, dead, because some little punk gang banger had to use a gun instead of his head. It's so insanely sad to see. The community is literally in crisis mode because the principal is a well known, well respected person, and she also has no clue that her husband is dead. To top it all off, one of the Fourth graders in my building witnessed the ENTIRE thing (it was her cousin who got shot). She can describe the car to a "T", can tell how many shots went off, how her cousin fell.... it's sickening. And what's even more sickening is that this child acted as if this were just another normal occurrence in her everyday life. Please keep our community and principal and her family in your prayers! It's such a shame. And... guess who is looking for a relocation ASAP!? I'm beginning to have second thoughts of whether this is really the right place to bring up my children.