Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Glimpse

OK, seriously, you have to check out this blog: This family is truly, absolutely amazing. I could go on and on forever about the Lawrenson family, and how they have touched my life so deeply without even knowing them. Ever since I found their blog, I have been addicted, and have kept up with it daily. When you do check it out, please go back to the very beginning of Nate's blog to get the entire story. It's seriously absolutely stunning. If you really want to witness God's hand at work, this is the place to go. I will warn you, however, when you see pictures of their baby, Gwyneth Rose, you will more than likely bawl your eyes out. And, when you see their family together for the first time, you will bawl your eyes out. The blog is so inspirational, and I'm so glad that God led me to them. Nate has definitely made me realize that I need to get myself on better track with the Lord. His post today is something I totally agree and relate to. It always seems as if I'm "happy" with my walk with God until some "crisis" happens. Then, I feel like I need a closer relationship with Him. It's a real shame that it is those "crisis" moments, and only those crisis moments, that give me a kick in the pants. Then, when things get better again, it's back to my normal "slack off on everything because it's all O.K" attitude. Nate and his family have truly inspired me to have a closer walk with God; not only in the crisis times, but also in the good times!! Seriously, thanks, Nate, for being so raw, open, and honest about everything. You really have no clue how much your story has effected so many people's lives!!!


MilePost13 said...

Thank you!