Sunday, April 11, 2010

monsters, prayers, and animals

we went to early church this morning so i could go to church with my family, but still work to get my hours in for my other job(s). we were the only family there that had a child, so she was the only one up front for the children's message. it was hilarious. she was really hesitant to walk to the front of the church, and to be in front of all those people. the pastor talked about being afraid, and how Jesus is there to make us feel safe. she asked our munch if she was scared of anything. she piped up, "yes, i is scared of monsters! they is really, really bad. i don't like them at all." the pastor then asked if there was anything we did before bed to make her feel safe. it took a little prodding from mommy, but she said, "we pray before i take my nap (that's what she calls it b/c a nap is shorter than going to bed for the night in her mind). we ask Jesus to keep me safe. annnnnd! it is so fun!" the congregation thought that was a little funny. then she didn't want to be quiet. haha. i love my kid!

*when she says "doing her animals", she means that we look at the cross stitch my MIL made for her when she was born. it has different animals sitting on a shelf (ducky, bunny, elephant, giraffe, and bear). we point to each animal while she names it, and it also has her name so she spells that, too. it's been a routine ever since she was little.


Erica said...

That is just adorable! I think my kids would be silent! That's neat the way your church does that too!