Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So... the beach day was contingent on the fact that I was getting at least an extra $600 this month for creating all of the Math and Science benchmarks for 4th grade using MY SUMMER TIME! We were told that we were getting the money last month, and it didn't happen. Then, we were told it would definitely be in this pay check. I got this months pay check (yes, we get paid once a month, which blows), and it wasn't there. I high tailed my rear to the school board office, and asked why the extra dinero wasn't in my check. Well, the director of testing "didn't get a chance" to check over the tests we made (this was over a month ago, mind you), so now we're not getting our money until next month. The beach can wait a month, but we also bought a chair knowing that money was going to be in my check, AND I always end up spending an extra few hundred bucks out of my own pocket for my room every year. Needless to say, Mr. I'm Too Busy With My Own Life And I Don't Need Extra Money Because I Make An Administrator's Salary got a nice email from me... it was also CC'd to the superintendent. Hopefully if we all ban together, they'll change their mind! So.... do you see why I said TISNF??? (That Is So Not Fair)


Grace said...

Yep, that stinks!